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Monte Vista
Gifted Education

Along with our district's vision to achieve educational excellence by preparing students, parents, staff, and community members for the future, we believe it is important to identify and meet the individual needs of all learners. To do this, our district is committed to providing our advanced learners with an individualized education that is both rigorous and  engaging.

District Mission: To inspire the pursuit of excellence, one student at a time.


In an effort to meet the the learning needs of all students , Monte Vista School District strives to identify and enrich every student's strengths and weaknesses in order to best meet their learning needs. 

Referral Form
Students, Parents, or Teachers may use this form to refer a student for Gifted Education assessment. Please print the form and submit it to your school's Gifted Coordinator email in the contact info or in person. Email the coordinator if you would like to pick up a form in person.
Click the button below to view our district's Gifted Identification Procedures

Advanced Learning Plan

Parent Advisory Notes

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