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Gaming Club

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Where to meet:

Wednesdays at 4 P.M.

In Room A210

Whats it about?
Gaming club is a social hangout, centered around games of all kinds, from board games, to video games, all are welcome. Some Restrictions Apply. 

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Da Rules! 

Rule 1: Be respectful to each other

      - No swearing

      - No bullying

      - No racist remarks(could result In a sort of punishment)

      - No sexual harassment

      - Be quiet In the halls and classroom

      - Leave only when necessary (Don’t leave and keep returning)

Rule 2: Be respectful towards everyone’s items

  • Don’t destroy anyone's console or controllers(result in fine)

Rule 3: Have fun!

     - Can also do any homework

     - Play board games or cards as well

     - Be chill and hang out

Recycle  Bin 

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