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Monte Vista School District


To inspire the pursuit of excellence, one student at a time.

Strategic Priorities
Inspiring Excellence One Student At A Time

The Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) is a system of accountability proposed and designed by a group of Colorado rural school districts. At the heart of Student-Centered Accountability is a focus on the success of  well-rounded students using a system for continuous improvement. To accomplish this, the districts use multiple measures of student success to expand results beyond a single state test score. Classroom assessments, as well as dispositions that characterize a successful student, are used to provide more meaningful and comprehensive data to describe student achievement and growth. In addition to student results, S-CAP believes evaluating the capacity of the systems that support student success is an essential function of accountability. S-CAP uses an on-site audit of districts to evaluate the system components needed to support student success. With both comprehensive student success data and ratings from on-site reviews, local school boards are able to monitor performance and ensure the district continuously improves its capacity for the purpose of student success. 

Develop and deliver differentiated and personalized learning to all students.

Inspire students to explore their gifts and prepare them for the future.

Energize, evaluate and ensure districtwide innovation.

Capture kid's hearts and captivate their minds